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Vanraj Vala
Vanraj Vala
The Journey : Early Days to How I Got Here

Well, I joined Samsung India Software operation in 2005 as Software engineering. After that it is being roller coaster ride. I was lucky to got chance to work on cutting edge technology starting from Home networking to Android. I personally loved Java development and continue to work on that till 2008. And once I spot Android OS,I found its made only for me..

Decisions That Mattered

I believe in being "right place at right time"and other things follows automatically.

The Turning Points

I would say the opportunities and achievement I got in my last seven years made me to reach where i am now. Just in 6 month span of my career I was able to file grade A patent for OSGi framework would not be called amazing.

Work and Role: Then and Now

Currently I am working on Android Samsung phones while earlier I was developing middle ware framework like OSGi where current Eclipse IDE runs. So I transformed myself from Web/Desktop environment to mobile word. And it is all because of the last 3 years how smart phones had ruled the world.

Two Years down the Line

I want to see myself billionaire. If not definitely I see myself as architect role.

What I Learnt Along the Way

I learned it is very much required to be get updated. The way technology changes I would say there is no retirement for me.

Changing Days: Lessons Learnt

Now I see myself more organized and less panicked. I started with writing Java code and still I writes but the difference is current code goes in market and makes money.

Trends to Watch Out For

I am currently watching cloud computing. I believe that we are going to see some major change in design of hand held devices and personal computing.

My Advice If You are Starting Out

I would say the path is clear. Big guys like Google already driving the technology. There is so much help on open source world. So just do it.

Must Focus Areas for the Future

I see GPU based processing; cloud computing and multi core is going to rule.

Do We Need Certifications?

It certainly helps in preparation I would say. Java developers I would say start with SCJP.

Books/ Websites I Recommend

This is simple one. Only one line

Last But Not Least

I guess current generation or facebook generation is smart enough to learn and pick any challenge. And in current web space so many things are already developed so it is not required to re-invent the wheel. Just look around and you can come up with good solution in less time. And finally "keep coding ".

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