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Shilpa Mahna Bhatnagar
Shilpa Mahna Bhatnagar
The Journey: Early days to how I got here

I started my career in the year 1998 as a Research Engineer with a noted and only government patronized R&D organization in the Telecom Area known as C-DOT. In my initial years I was lucky to have opportunities to work with one of the best brains of India in the area of Fiber Access Systems where I developed my skills in embedded programming and how the telecom infrastructure is organized. After a 2 and half year stint with C-DOT I migrated to Hughes Software Systems in the year 2001 for better career prospects where I got a chance of working in the signaling Stack Components. After this there was no looking back, HSS provided enormous opportunity to me to shape up her career in the area of Data Communications to Networking to Wireless Broadband. I Joined HSC ( Hughes Systique ) to follow the footsteps of my core mentors Mr Vinod Sood and Anil Kumar Rajput in Year 2006 and has since them been leading activities in the area of Broadband, embedded and Mobile terminal software. I am now the Director Engineering and completely Heads the Mobile Terminals Division at HSC. I lead one of the largest engineering group at HSC and my teams have done some commendable work in the Area of Mobile Terminals mainly Smartphone Area.

 Decisions that mattered

The most important career decision I made include the following
Consciously Staying back in India when there was a lot of brain drain happening for the hunger of dollar salaries during my initial years of career
the second was joining Hughes Systique in the year 2006. HSC gave a good platform for me to grow and complete independence on how I could shape myself up

Work and Role: Then and Now

 I am managing the complete Business Unit in terms of metrics and numbers. This includes keeping utilization in control making quality deliveries happen with higher profit margins (mainly gross margin). I also got a chance work to business development in my area of expertise front ending multiple customers globally and enable HSC to get business in those areas

Two Years down the Line

I see myself more in Execution Role as part of Leadership Team of a Small to Medium Sized Company in next couple of Years from now

Changing Days: Lessons Learnt                   

Respect Your Mentors
Relationships need to maintained, you never know whom you need when you move forward in life. So be cordial with everybody
Lead by example and always be hands-on with the work happening under you

What I learned along the way

When I started the market was different, sitting here in India most of the market was mainly oriented towards US and Europe but with passage of time India has become a huge market and has brought its own set of challenges. Though the execution challenges are less as the customers are more in the proximity but other socio-economic barriers impact the deliveries in a big way

Trends to Watch out For

 Evolution of Android as a global handset platform is a big technological trend I have seen in my domain. It’s a big boost to my career as it has enabled us to grow in business and in numbers both.

 My Advice If You are Starting Out

Be thorough with whatever knowledge you have, use it to the maximum in day to day work and dont try to restrict to a single domain or technology. Will factor is more important than the can factor.

Areas for specialization

Android and Windows 8 are the 2 most emerging areas and I guess this is where the entrants should see a role for them

Do we need certifications

Certifications none. Patents Yes, I have done 2 patents and hence I recommend as they generate a lot of credibility for you and for your organization

Books/ Websites I Recommend
ios5 by tutorials


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