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Mohith Mathur
Mohith Mathur
The Journey : Early Days to How I Got Here

I started as an associate software engineer in Mphasis, an HP company working on Java/J2EE technologies. With growing years of experience I got more exposure to the latest technologies and processes of the IT world. After moving to Symantec became part of mobile app development project. After initial learning curve, I gradually became the key developer managing various security aspects of our app including deciding on the right crypto graphic algorithm to be used, picking up the secure mobile data storage, selecting the right code obfuscator tool etc.

Decisions That Mattered

Right from the initial days of my carrier till date, I always kept my focus on learning and working on Java/J2EE technologies. This helped me to learn more insights of these technologies. Furthermore, while keeping my thrive for Java on I moved onto the mobile app development project where I could not only leverage my Java knowledge learning other OOPS languages like J2ME, Objective C, Silverlight etc. but also learnt security aspects which are essential for any secure mobile app development.

The Turning Points

Joining Symantec and working of VIP Access project gave a great boost to my carrier where I could not only leverage my Java knowledge but also became a security expert.

Work and Role: Then and Now

My current job not only gives me opportunity to work on latest mobile technologies and platforms but has also helped me to enhance my security knowledge.

Two Years Down the Line

I want to grow more in a techno-managerial role where I still work on latest technologies of the time while mentoring and managing a team of enthusiastic mobile app professionals.

What I learnt along the way

Be focused and organized.

Changing Days: Lessons learnt

NO major change, knowledge was valuable then and its now as well. However, in present world being advent of new challenges we as a software professionals have more opportunities to work on and develop better applications.

Trends to Watch Out For

Being working on mobile app development from past 5 years I am seeing a major shift to held devices including smart phones and tablets. This is a change both in consumer market as well as enterprise markets. Resultantly various OEMs and mobile vendors are coming with new devices as well as tools and SDKs to develop apps on the same.

My Advice If You are Starting Out

Looking to the market trends iOS and Android should be the first choice to target and develop  apps on.

Must Focus Areas For the Future

Again iOS and Android are the popular platforms to work on.

Books/ Websites I Recommend

Developer drives and forums of various mobile platforms are the best source of getting the right know-how of various aspects for doing development on mobile platforms.
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