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Manav Kamboj
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The Journey : Early Days to How I Got Here

If you look at my background, I have done a multitude of things and not always correlated to each other. I started my career with coding, went on to do an MBA, followed by a stint in technology, then retail banking and back to technology.

The fact is that I want to try new things all the time and that's where mobile technology fits in perfectly. Right now someone somewhere is making a really 'cool' apps or a brand new device with a zillion pixel screen that can be worn as a bracelet.

Scaling up the ladder for me it means making great products on latest technologies with the help of some really smart and motivated individuals. And I try to do that every day.

Decisions That Mattered

Moving away from technology to banking was a big one. It made me realize how much I loved technology and how much fun it is to create cutting edge products whether it be for your customers and or for yourself. So the other big decision was to bid adieu to a cushy MNC job and start from the beginning.

The Turning Points

The day I decided to quit my job and start on my own. I had some idea of what it would mean or at least I thought so. We flirted with a lot of ideas but somehow mobile technology would refuse stay out of the picture. So we got a couple of iPhones, an Android and a Blackberry. And before I knew, I was hooked.

Work and Role: Then and Now

I strongly believe that a great software product is the one that's easy to use. So, I spend a lot of my time looking at new mobile apps, getting inspired by the amazing UI/UX some of them deliver. I also conceptualize new mobile products that we work on. And most importantly I am responsible for hiring the best possible team at LetsGoMo and helping them deliver quality products.

Two Years Down the Line

Making better products using the latest technologies of the time, over the next year we plan to launch a few mobile apps of our own. We are also developing an app development framework of our own that will reduce the time and cost for developing new apps.

What I Learnt Along the Way

People make or break most businesses. Hire a great team and spend considerable effort to keep them motivated. Great products are also great looking, and easy to use.

Trends to Watch Out For

The increasing penetration of smartphones in developing markets means not just new users but new type of users. This means new use cases and a whole lot of opportunity. I believe that 4 or maybe 5 major operating systems will co-exist in the near future. Host of new apps on multiple platforms will translate to a huge opportunity in cross-platform app development. We are using and extending some of the popular platforms like Phonegap, Appcelerator etc and keeping an eye on the new ones.

My Advice If You are Starting Out

There are nearly a million apps on various app stores. Either make something new or make something way better than what is already there.

Must Focus Areas For the Future

On the OS front Android is going to the OS of choice in countries like India and Windows Mobile is the one to watch. Smarter browsers on faster phones will open up a lot of opportunity in HTML5 and x-platform development.

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