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techBASIC App Builder to Simplify iOS App Development

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, January 18, 2013   |    1 Comments
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Bangalore: Byte Works is pleased to announce the release of techBASIC App Builder, giving iOS App Developers the ability to write a program in techBASIC on the iPhone or iPad, compile it under Xcode with the techBASIC App Builder, and sell it on the App Store.

The ability to write an app for the iPhone or iPad in BASIC opens up iOS app development to a brand new audience. Not only is the learning curve for Objective C gone, but programs that took hundreds of lines of code and multiple classes to write in Objective C can be written in just a few dozen lines of code in techBASIC. "Now, for the first time, current and new App Developers can write powerful and fun apps on their iPhone or iPad in BASIC, then compile them on a Mac and distribute them as standard apps," said Mike Westerfield, president of Byte Works.

techBASIC's technical computing environment makes it easy to create apps with interactive graphics, access internal sensors, and connect to external devices with Bluetooth low energy. techBASIC also includes built-in calls making it easy to create apps with all of the standard iOS controls.

techBASIC App Builder takes techBASIC programs written on iOS and converts them into fully functional stand- alone apps, enabling developers to write apps without using Objective C.

Once created, these apps can be distributed just like any other app. They can be submitted to the App Store as free or paid apps, or distributed using ad hoc distribution to any iPhone or iPad. The end product is an app that is indistinguishable from apps written in Objective C.

The benefit for the app developer is the ability to take advantage of the powerful technical computing capabilities built into techBASIC, while writing programs in the easy to use and familiar BASIC language. Development time and cost are decreased so products will be available for distribution on the App store sooner.

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