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War between the Mobile OS Titans

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, June 1, 2012
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Bangalore:  Mobile Operating Systems developers have realized that to stay in the market, they should rely on innovation technology which is beyond the imagination of their competitors. Before getting into the battle between different Mobile OS, one must understand what an operating system іѕ all аbουt and what it hаѕ to do with the mobile device.

An Operating System іѕ what connects a user and the device. The device could be your laptop, tablet, desktop or even your mobile phone. OS is the software that is responsible for managing the hardware of your phone. When your device is mobile, the OS is termed as Mobile OS.

Ten years ago, mobile phones arrived in the market as a device which simply served the function of making phone calls and later for sending texts. Mobiles weren’t equipped with all the features and technology that they have today but as the wireless telephone technology progressed, it has changed the way people communicate. A mobile phone isn’t just a device used to make audio phone calls anymore. You can use it to listen to music, download and view videos, update your mails, access social networking sites and basically any internet related work. Today, people are willing to pay for the latest technology, which іѕ the reason why various brands like Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Rim and Microsoft are racing to optimize and equip thеіr mobile and mobile operating system with latest features.

The key players in the Mobile OS race are:
1.    Apple- iPhone operating system
2.    Google- Android
3.    Microsoft- Windows Mobile
4.    RIM- Blackberry
The war began 5 years ago when developers realized that mobile operating system arena has vast potential. In the beginning, there were very few companies in the mobile OS market with Symbian having 50% market hold. The rest was captured by Apple and RIM Blackberry. The game changed in 2007 when Apple launched a device combining the feature of touch screen with an optimized interface based on Smart-phone platforms. This left all the other companies struggling to keep up with the new market scenario. Ever since the internet bigwig Google stepped into the rасе with Android operating system, it has been gaining monopoly.

Technological researchers Gartner have predicted that by the end of 2012 almost half of all smartphones purchased worldwide will run on Android OS.

Now the ball is in the customer’s court. Only the most user-friendly and economic smartphones will succeed.

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