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RIM to BlackBerry: A Good Move to Attract App Development?

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, February 8, 2013
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Bangalore: Finally it’s out with better specs and features! Yes, RIM has moved on and has launched the Z10 that is speculated to be the last hope for the company. By the way, RIM has also rebranded and has set its name to Blackberry. A fixated brand perception of the company, argued by many, was no longer helping the brand in totality. It was like an old song, great at its time but not meant to be compared with the new music. While the Z10 reviews mixed reviews, it’s difficult to ascertain, whether a brand overhaul could attract Mobile App Development companies to create softwares for the new Blackberry?

As already mentioned all the praise we hear for Blackberry’s great BBM services, comes to us even today. However, aptly put, it’s just a vestige of the great blackberry era we saw in the last decade. With the current rebranding, the company is trying to put its feet into the ongoing trend of touchscreen and apps. Many analysts have been seeing this metamorphosis as the last attempt from the company to retain as a significant competitor. In the US, carrying a Blackberry is no longer fashionable today. People take pride of their iPhones or SG3. The new branding with a sleek new Z10 is an attempt to incline the loyal BB customers towards the company while giving mobile app development companies a promising device to develop software content.

“The blackberry users are scattered, it’s not as profitable as android app development or iPhone app development. The new OS seems to be promising and we are not sure between the cross functionality issues here. Looking into that, I am yet not really hopeful about app development requests for the 10th version.” says Managing Director of Jayneel Patel, a prominent offshore mobile app development company. Apart from this existing disharmony and a massive app advantage of android and iOS, Windows Phone is trying to become the 3rd platform and flexing its muscle too. And given its 360 degree presence, windows will definitely fare better than Blackberry 10 among mobile app developers and overall enterprise market.

By the time RIM contemplated the change (which took now) it was too late. Enterprises have come of an age of mobile computing. Apple, Google and Microsoft are now fighting it out to grab the enterprise computing with their respective mobile OSs. The app stores are overflowing with enterprise apps which have been adapted by some of the major fortune 500 companies. RIM was late to anticipate the change. Brand Blackberry should have arrived after the first iPhone was launched.

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