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PreApps to Create Prelaunch Buzz for Mobile Apps

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, September 28, 2012
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Bangalore: “Prelaunch buzz” has become an essential component of success for new products within almost every industry but one – the mobile app industry. Currently, few in the mobile app industry have the budget to generate a prerelease buzz. That is about to change with the official launch of PreApps in mid November. is the first online social platform designed to create prelaunch publicity for mobile apps. It will be the only online platform allowing users to preview, rate, and share mobile apps that are coming soon to the market. Its lead creator is Sean Casto, Senior Business Major and Entrepreneur Minor at Northeastern University. He built the website having already developed multiple apps and recognized the need for marketing and publicizing apps prior to release.

 “The company was founded after being disappointed in our own attempts to receive useful user feedback during development and the inability to successfully create buzz and excitement prior to release. PreApps is a service aimed at the fast growing mobile app market that is being underserved. So our team designed custom development tools within a social platform to do the job,” states Casto.

According to an article written in The New York Times, app developers are competing against more than 1 Million other mobile apps all looking to be successful. This creates one of the biggest challenges that mobile app developers face: How to make your app stand out. The answer? Prerelease buzz. The solution?

 “This concept is enormously important for mobile app success. Building prerelease buzz for your app is a critical part for the formula for success”, said Casto. In an article published by, titled “5 Ways to Make Your App Take Off,” it is stated that the number one way to make your app successful is to market your app far ahead of launching it.

The goal of is also to enhance the relationship between mobile app developers and mobile app users to create better apps. How? “By implementing user feedback in the development process, apps have a greater chance of success and, for users, a more enjoyable experience,” Casto added.

What also makes PreApps unique is its App Ideas contest. Users and Developers are open to post their app idea on PreApps and automatically enter to have their app idea turn into reality! PreApps partnered mobile app development team will develop the top voted app for free.

According to the International Data Corporation, the market for mobile applications will increase dramatically over the next few years. By 2014, the number of downloaded apps is expected to hit close to 75 billion. With numbers that high, the need for a platform like will be limitless.

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