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By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, June 15, 2012
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Bangalore: Let’s face the facts; we live in the mobile generation. Fact number two; it’s all about the apps today. As the craze for apps continues to soar, every organization wants to capitalize on it. The claim for mobile application development is continuously escalating as sales of iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Windows applications mount rapidly. Smart phones have become ubiquitous with the options of push e-mail and 3G connections found in quite a few models. Recent statistics also reveal that a large number of smart-phone owners have a credit card which signifies their spending power. This is an essential statistic for companies that are vying to attract the upper middle class.

However it is not always easy to pick the right technology. If we are to consider the ever changing market scenario, Android seems to be ruling the roost although the iOS isn’t far behind. Any application that is created to be employed on a particular platform cannot be used on another platform due to incongruity.

Many people today pick mobile-optimized websites which can search for relevant data and deliver it straight to the mobile handset. It is essential for companies to make their websites mobile friendly and focus on strategic apps that are relevant to the website. The great thing about using apps to advertise is that it provides a very good consumer experience which may not always be the case with regard to a website which usually supplies too much information. A company needs to always consider the price associated with constructing an app which is not always well discussed. It is also essential to know whether your application has been designed for personal or public use.

Many companies create and sell apps and rely upon a return on investment by charging directly for the app, in-app purchases or subscriptions. You could also earn indirectly by posting ads linked with the apps like Angry Birds. Whenever an app is released, its marketing in the initial stages ought to be rigorous and viral. The success of a mobile app ultimately lies in how many people it reaches.

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