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Lessons Enterprise App Developers should Learn from Consumer Apps

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, November 23, 2012
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Bangalore: Bring Your Own Devices is a much talked about topic in various business organizations today. It’s high time for them to think about the kind of apps they are building for their employees. Although BYOD has helped organizations bring down the cost, however the major concern for most of them is whether these apps are secured.  

Securing the data is of utmost importance for them as employees may unknowingly expose the company’s data to the outside world. Further, if the employee loses the personal devices, the entire data is also lost which will in turn keep the entire company at risk.

Opinions from experts at the recently concluded Open Mobile Summit held in San Francisco from 7 to 9 November, clearly shows that business organizations still have to learn a lot from consumer apps in order to build superior enterprise apps as reported by Rachel King on

Bob Schukai from Thomson Reuters highlighted the biggest mistake of many business organizations. According to him, they think that they can easily take an application from the desktop and use it on their mobile phone. He further stressed on the need to create an emotion connection. "You have to create an emotional connection between the applications you build and the human beings who use it.”

He further highlighted that the biggest problem for mobile apps is monetizations. Mobile applications should either make money or improved the productivity level or both for enterprises. However, enterprises “are pretty lazy about monetizing enterprise” and it is high time for them to learn from the consumer world before it is too late.

The biggest priority to financial institutions according to Vinay Venugopal, Director of It Strategy, ING Direct is to bring what they have learned from the consumer side into enterprises. He further added that their vast experience in the mobile space has taught them the importance of usability, relevance as well as context for a good mobile experience.

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