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Google Outsells, but App Developers Inclined Towards iOS

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, June 21, 2012
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Bangalore: When Google’s Android OS was launched, who knew that it would one day outsell Apple iOS? Though, great news for Google, however, when it comes to the loyalty of app developers, Apple outshines Google.   

“Android may have a lead in how many handsets it ships, but it doesn’t have a lead in how much money app developers are making from it,” said Hadi Partovi, an investor in technology start-ups like Dropbox and a former manager at Microsoft.

On the opening day of its San Francisco Developer Conference, Apple strengthened its ties by announcing a chain of products. Apple is also expected to shortly introduce a new version of the iOS OS with a new 3D map service which will pose as a major challenge to Google map services. This new iOS version will power both the iPhones and iPads.

App Developers have reported that the large number of Android phones in the market today with varied screen sizes, specifications and technologies have made testing apps difficult. However, they find it is easier to develop in the iOS platform because of the limited specifications.

“Writing apps consistently across all of them is really hard,” said Nat Brown, Independent iOS developer based in Seattle.

Brown initially considered building apps for the android platform. However, the readiness of iPhone users’ to pay for apps when compared to android users has attracted him to the iOS platform.

“Apple is almost the default first platform you develop for and then you develop for Android,” said Rob Cihra, an analyst at Evercore Partners.

Another added advantage to Apple is its iPad which is dominating the tablet category. It is easy for developers to have their apps run on Apple’s tablet as both the iPhone and iPad are dependent on the iOS platform.

Though, many app developers are inclined towards the iOS platform, however the major problem that they face is the control that Apple as a company has on its App Store. Developers find it difficult to post their apps as Apple reviews the app thoroughly before posting it.

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