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Does Social Sharing Help Your App?

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, August 24, 2012
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Bangalore: With the increasing number of mobile apps in the app store, it becomes difficult for apps to secure a top position. Only the best app may get a short spotlight in the “Editor’s Choice” section in the app store. It is also very rare for a new app to be visible when users search for apps. App developers find various ways and means to secure this coveted position and more downloads.

One of the most influential forms of advertisements that developers resort to is social sharing. Developers integrate their apps with social networking sites such as facebook, twitter or orkut.  This was evident when the app stores experienced an average of 37 app downloads per smartphone user this year, a 6% increase from the number of apps downloaded in 2011. Social sharing does help a developer to get high download rates.

Let us have a look at some examples stated by Jason Grill in of apps that are doing well because of social network integration.

For Spotify, a digital music app, users would need to sign up with their facebook account to use it. Songs that the user listens too is posted on facebook along with link to download the app.

Instagram, a photo sharing app shares the photo of the user on facebook and twitter. On facebook, the photo is shared in the news feed along with a link to the application. On the other hand, twitter shares a link to the photo along with a URL to Instagram.

Another app that is popularizing itself through social networking is SongPop, a game app where a user can play along with his friends to guess the name of the song. They can play the game on facebook and the user who makes the correct guess will get an invitational link on their facebook account to download the app.

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