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App47 Streamlines Enterprise MAM with App Wrapper

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, November 7, 2012
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Bangalore: Determined to provide mobile app providers with ever simplified, easy-to-implement mobile application management capability, App47 recently introduced its new App Wrapper, a refinement that allows users to implement App47 Mobile Application Management (MAM) capability without typing a single line of code.

 “App Wrapper allows us to deliver the full value of App47 technology without having to be part of the development process,” said App47 CEO Chris Schroeder. “It’s a streamlined alternative for organizations that don’t have the resources or time to make quick configuration changes to their code to add our embedded agent library into their app to open up full MAM functionality, whether the app is in development still or has been moved into production.”

“Sometimes getting the dev team and the business management team to interact smoothly is tough and can be time consuming,” continued Schroeder. “With the App47 App Wrapper, we’ve made the process of embedding MAM into your app so easy that someone with no coding skills whatsoever can quickly inject App47’s code into their app to get App47’s full mobile app management capability. They can ensure secure, reliable distribution via our enterprise app store, enjoy easy analytical access and app version updating, and monitor the performance of their app-- everything they need to ensure the app gets out there, and remains under their command and control.”

 “App distribution is not the easiest thing in the world,” Gambee said. “You have to work within the limits of how traditional app stores want you to do things. That was clearly a cause of friction for our app, but when we used App47’s App Wrapper, the issue was resolved and the app was deployed in minutes.”

Gambee added that prior to that day; he hadn’t given too much thought to how “frictionless” app deployment and management could be. “App Wrapper proved itself convincingly with that first use. Now, I don’t want to do anything without it,” he added. “If you think about building an app, and you plan to spend, say, 10 hours in dev, and then two hours in distribution - App Wrapper saves those two hours.”

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