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5 Tips to Deliver the Best Android App

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, July 27, 2012
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Bangalore: Android’s insane growth has left iOS in the dust.  Its sale amount to half of the smartphone sales in US, Europe and Australia. Earlier when someone spoke about mobile apps, they were usually referring to Apple. Now the scenario has changed.

With over 450,000 android apps in Google Play and more than 300 million Android phones in the world, Google’s Android is definitely the leader in the mobile arena. An important feature that makes Android a favorable platform for developers is its App Store. Google Play charges a onetime subscription fee of $25 with options to feature the app in other stores besides earning 70% revenue on sales.

Android with its exciting features is a major player in the mobile arena and it aims to become the No. 1 Operating System.

Here are few tips to help you develop the best android application as cited in

1.    Focus on the End User
The app developer should always keep in mind the need of the end user. Developers should be clear about the kind of app they are going to develop and what features they will provide to the end user. The best way to understand the requirements of the user is to conduct surveys before you can start the process of developing Android Apps.

2.    Target Different Screen Sizes
The large number of Android phones in the market today with varied screen sizes has made development difficult. In order to be successful in the android platform, developers should be aware of the various screen sizes and develop applications that are compatible with all screen sizes.

3.    Intuitive Navigation
An app could be well built with all sophisticated functions, however if its icons or its menu options looks like a constellation of stars, it could be a let down to the user.  People prefer using apps which are not only simple but also having less navigation options. The buttons should suit the functionality of the app.

4.    Latest Android SDK Versions
Developers should develop apps on the latest Android platform available. New platform comes with improved features and more functionality. They also need to ensure that the app they created for the latest version of the android platform doesn’t crash in the lower versions.

5.    Improve your Programming Skills
A developer in order to be able to develop the best app needs to be well versed with the programming languages. They need to update their programming knowledge to stay in the competitive market.

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