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5 Successful Marketing Strategies for your Mobile App

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, June 22, 2012   |    1 Comments
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Bangalore: App developers are so engrossed in developing the app, publishing it in the app store and reviewing feedbacks that they forget one of the most important contributing factor that makes an app successful- Marketing Strategy. Developers need to keep in mind the marketing strategy even before they start coding.

Christopher Dawson in brought our five winning strategies that were stressed by Jason Devitt, CEO of Mr. Number in their interaction.

1.    Build on Success
Devitt advised startups’ to look out for a competitor who has developed similar apps and derive plans on how to compete with them. He also suggested that the developer can cross promote his new app if he already has an app.

2.    Build in the Cost of Advertising
Advertising would not only make an app popular, however, it would also sell the app. A developer will spend a relatively less amount for advertising his app, however the returns after people purchase the app would be higher that what he spent.  This stressed the importance of advertising in promoting the mobile app.

3.    Build to Share
Devitt brought out an example stating that Voxer, a communication app wasn’t able to take off when it was developed until it supported both iOS and Android. Users having apps that either supports only iOS or Android and not both may get frustrated as they are not able to communicate with users of the other platform.

4.    Build to Search
Some people simply browse through the app store, while others search for apps with a specific functionality. Having an app with a unique name is critical in inviting users to view the app. Devitt stated that a minor change will lead to a 33% increase in the download.

5.    Build the Greatest App in the History of the World
With as many as half a million of apps in the market, you will need to build apps that impress the users. Having eye catching unique features and possibilities in your app would help a developers’ app be one of the greatest app in the world. Devitt suggested developers to avoid building photo sharing apps, restaurant finder apps as there are plenty of such apps in the market.

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