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5 Points to Consider Before Building an App

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, May 25, 2012
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Bangalore: Smartphones and tablets are dominating technology, and apps are the rage in developers’ community. Take a look at what you need to consider before deciding to develop an app for your business, as listed on pcworld.

1.    System compatibility: If you are developing an app for internal use, you must know whether your existing systems can interface with this app. Many systems may not offer a way to interface with an app, necessitating a move to a different system to communicate with mobile devices.

2.    Think about standardization: What platform should your app for internal use run on? Your choices could be Android, iOS and very soon Windows 8. Standardizing on a single platform is an option, but it might limit your hardware options and your selection of other apps that could serve your business.

3.    Sufficient staff: You need to consider whether you have enough people on staff to write the apps, or whether you will have to outsource app development. If so, you will need to maintain communication with the developers, as maintaining an app usually involves bug fixes and introducing new features.

4.    Testing your code: It is imperative for internal and B2B usage that you test the code that you write. Think about whether you have the manpower and time required to thoroughly test and debug your app.

5.    Supporting clients: Your business might be set up to sustain internal tech support needs, but if you decide to release an app for B2B use, your support needs will expand again. Mull over how you will support customers, clients, and public users who seek help.

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