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8 Reasons Why No One is Buying Your App

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, May 11, 2012
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You must be wondering what makes some apps in the market more successful than the others. Some may say it’s just plain luck and some may credit the marketing strategy. However, with a bad user interface, programming and design, the app could be rendered useless. If you are worried why no one is buying your app, then the below checklist can identify the shortcomings of your app.

Bad Ratings and Reviews:

Feedbacks from users will determine whether your app will be successful or not. Having a higher rating will prompt other users to buy the app. It is better to get a rating about the app when it is still in development by developing beta versions or trial versions. This will allow you to make some changes as per the desire of the users.

Lack of Information About the App:

Tech savvy’s will log online to your website or even Google to find out more information about the app and make comparisons with other apps in the market. Without proper information they will probably choose another app with the same features as yours.

Un-aware of the Market and the Competitors:

When you decide to develop an app, you need to browse through the app stores for apps similar to the one you are planning to develop. If you find any similar apps, it’s good if you can download it to check its functionality and read the feedbacks posted by users of that app. This will help you in designing and developing an app that will be a fierce competitor to other similar apps.

Issues with Programming and Usability:

People will prefer using apps which are user friendly. They should not find any difficulty in moving from one option to the other. If the app is known for crashing all the time then people will refrain from buying it.

Marketing Issues:

Sometimes, people just don’t get what the app is for. This is a problem with marketing. You need to use all possible opportunities to inform people what the app is all about and how it will help them.

Un-Impressive Icons:

Icons are the first feature a buyer notice before purchasing the app. With a large number of similar apps in the market, the icons need to be unique and interesting so as the app stands out from the crowd.

A Bad Choice of Name:

The second thing people would consider is the name of the app. A catchy or an impressive name will attract the buyers. You need to avoid weird names or even made up words as most users will not understand the meaning leave aside the functions of the app.

A Drab Screenshot:

Screenshots will convey the quality of the app apart from showcasing its amazing features while marketing. Adding some text would be helpful in explaining about the app, however, long notes will make it look drag.

The above are just a few checklists to determine the short comings of your app as compared to other similar apps.

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