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Vinod Kumar VK

"Smartphone Revolution "

Vinod Kumar VK
Manager - Technical Communications and Game Designing
Vinod is working as a Manager - Technical Communications and Game Designing for Smartphones at Dumadu Games. He is having more than 12 years of experience and only in gaming industry he has more than 3 years of experience. He conducts independent research on multiple aspects of Apples enterprise and iOS games for user experience.
Mobile Consumers are showing a big shift from the traditional feature phone to upgrading to a smartphone.

The section of consumers all over the world who own a smartphone is almost on par with the percentage owning a feature phone. However there are a considerable percentage of people who have not bought a smartphone feel they do not have the motivation to upgrade.

The reason could be with the high price of smartphones and the apparent lack of need for latest functionalities. This consumer apathy is not going to last long as the smartphone is growing its roots deeper and deeper. There are many reasons why consumers are shifting or upgrading to smartphones, I shall try to put some light over these areas.

Why Consumers Are Making The Big Shift?

Smartphones are replacing the laptops or tablets, how?

Well, if you need to do programming or write code and execute it, Laptop or the desktop is still the best option. The computers are now becoming limited to scientific and technical purpose, its limitation have given birth to the smartphones.

Those days have gone, when you were using a laptop for checking a mail, or listening to a song, or watching a movie. You can still do all this and more with much more ease and comfort with a smartphone. It not just serves as a phone, but it is a digital access to information, entertainment and living.

Computer Usage Shunted By Smartphones.

Mobile Internet usage is growing at an alarming rate, paralleled with a drop in computer usage for accessing information. This trend indicates that more consumers use a mobile phone, whether a feature phone or a smartphone, than a desktop or laptop across the world. The flexibility for carrying internet wherever you go, easy access to information, user friendly mobile applications have encouraged consumers to make a big shift to smartphones.

I shall be coming out with detailed reports and surveys from across the world in my next write up. Stay tuned.