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Xminds is a 8 year old Software development and testing services company located in Kerala, India. We provide offshore software development services and IT outsourcing to companies across the world.

From Sydney to Seattle we partner with technology enterprises to develop custom software solutions via software outsourcing and have worked with more than 85 startups and 28 enterprise products in Australia, US, UK, Canada, South Africa and Singapore and our client-tele includes successful businesses like Spreets, Dealised, Tangler, Swiftcash, Posse, Lingopal, Servcorp, Puntclub, EFactor, LocalBilling and Simraceway.

Our main aim is to be the proud partners of great web products and we have the ideal implementation model for the startups. We adopted the lean approach, which is a very successful model and is the default game plan for some of the largest and most successful companies like Facebook and Zynga.

Lean is a whole new way to run start-ups that improves the probability and magnitude of success.
India, Singapore and Australia
Ram Govind Narayan
An internet Entrepreneur with more than 8 years of experience creating online businesses that solve real problems by leveraging expertise in the rapid development of web based applications and love working on ideas and challenging opportunities. Driven by a visceral "hard-wired" need to strategize, to innovate, and to disprove the words "It can't be done!"
• Spreets • Dealised
• Tangler • Swiftcash
• Posse • Lingopal
• Servcorp  
There are some companies in the US providing the same services as we are. But our main competition is with our self, we always try to improve on a daily basis on the services we provide. Our main motto is to make today better than yesterday.
  • Worked with 80+ web businesses
  • Grown from a 4 to a global team of 80
  • Worked with Mobile, B2B, Saas, B2B,Media, Social, Retail Web businesses.
XMinds has worked with 85 businesses (and counting) and we offer our experience with the best expert talent pool in the industry to fulfill all your application development needs.

Associating with the clients and businesses around the globe has helped us develop a team of proactive people. We have adopted a the Agile and Lean methodologies which helps accelerate the process of software development and allow quicker project finalization.

If you have an idea we can help you build it. For any startup entrepreneur the most important factor is to get to the market with a solid product. The sooner the better, since in the world of web the window of opportunity does not stay open for a long period. We can help you build the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in 8 weeks time
The sources of revenue are project based.At present our R&D team is developing some products for the cloud and we are planning to generate revenue through licensing.

Project based – Fixed Model -We work on fixed model and this development model is well suited when the client has clear project requirements and would like to work in a defined schedule and budget of the project.

Monthly Retainer - When a client partners with us, we become an extended arm of their organization. We'll work closely with the client to better understand their business and objectives
  • We landed our first major client in 2004.
  • Association with Pollenizer 2006
  • Office in Singapore 2011
  • Representative office inAustralia 2012