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We, at SiliconIndia, constantly interact with many business executives in the American corporations. A large number of them are keen on building mobile apps as an add on to their existing business.

One of the key concerns of American corporation is the availability of information on Mobile Application service providers. We have been getting requests from several companies to provide information on Mobile App service providers in India and the competency they bring to table and also for our insight into the market landscape. Apart from few large IT service companies, other independent third-party mobile vendors are almost unknown in the U.S.

Keeping this in mind, India Mobile Apps Vendor Directory is being published. Our team spent the last six months to bring out this directory. We had received over 2000 nominations from mobile app companies across India. A distinguished panel comprising accomplished Indian CEO's & CIO's of public companies, VC's, analysts, founders of established VC funded companies including SiliconIndia editorial board decided on the top 100 companies listed in this directory.

This directory is designed to be a valuable resource for those getting started with research or evaluating vendors in the mobile apps market. You will find basic list of 100 vendors in the mobile applications market and the services they offer. Each listing is classified based on the location of the vendors. In addition to this, we have detailed company profiles of selected mobile app vendors to give more insight about their companies. Use this list to get started with the evaluation process. For more information about any of the product/ services or to speak to a sales representative, please visit the vendor website.

As third-party mobile app service providers in India gear up to demonstrate vendor maturity, hopefully this directory will help you in making your decision.
Selected Company Profiles
Collabera FINE
iMOBDEV Impiger
Innominds IntelliGrape
Interworld LeewayHertz
Movivation NEUERUNG
NE Permeative
Purplechai Rage
Nex DbyDx
Strumsoft UNICEL
xminds Tech
Progressive Riktam
GenXM Activate