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Rave Infosys

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Rave Infosys

Rave Infosys

We are all about developing user-friendly mobile apps facilitating easy and quick data processing. We do this by putting competent people to work and by leveraging our market experience.

Our mission is to help businesses in their bottom line, by delivering quality technology services.

We develop business, fun and interactive applications, for all mobile platforms and devices

Rave Infosys mobile platforms and devices

Ravi Mittal - Rave Infosys




Corporate Office
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

Regional Office
Fremont, CA, USA

Global Delivery Centre
Indore, MP, India



Ravi Mittal

  • Strong leadership and with technical background.
  • Founded Rave Infosys in 2006.
  • Strong engagement and account management processes.
  • Strong Growth rate for 5 consecutive years.
  • X-IBMer - worked as an Architect for 4+ years.
  • Certified designer & programmer (SCJD, SCDJWS, IBM OOAD & UML).


10 resources onshore at Offices in US
60+ resources offshore at Office in India


  • Colony American Homes
  • Xpand All, LLC
  • eFlashApps, LLC
  • Read Perfect Now
  • BigDigi LLC
  • Golden Broccoli
  • Resiligence
  • Virtual Solutions AS
  • Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems
  • Blufish LLC


GPS Integration GPS Integration
Hybrid Apps using PhoneGap Hybrid Apps using PhoneGap
Social APIs Social APIs
Platform Porting Platform Porting
Ad Network Partnerships Ad Network Partnerships
In-App Purchases In-App Purchases
Dropbox/Google Drive Integration Dropbox/Google Drive Integration
Secure Group Chat Secure Group Chat
Integrated with CRM for Case Management Integrated with CRM for Case Management
Integration with Printers & Credit Card Machines over Bluetooth Integration with Printers & Credit Card Machines over Bluetooth


  • Time and Material Model
  • Fixed Cost Model
  • Dedicated Resource Model


Ranked in Top 10 free education Apps in Singapore and Hong Kong
Ranked in Top 30 free education Apps in USA, UK, Australia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia
Ranked in Top 100 free education Apps in 23 Countries
  • e-flash
  • genius baby flash cards
  • eflash picture dictionary
  • word families my backpack
  • tipnow
  • golden broccoli big life game
  • wonderdads local activity guide
  • platinum service


  • Rave Infosys 2007 2007

    Started operations in US

  • Rave Infosys 2008 2008

    Started operations in India

  • Rave Infosys 2009 2009

    Built state of art development center for 200 people in India

  • Rave Infosys 2010 2010

    Grew team & clientele at 70% for 3 consecutive

  • Rave Infosys 2011 2011

    Built strong mobile app portfolio with highly rated apps

  • Rave Infosys 2012 2012

    Bought & moved to a new office in Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • Rave Infosys 2013 2013

    Developed & promoted 100+ top rated mobile applications till date