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Micromark Technology

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Micromark Technology

Micromark Technology

Since its founding in 2004, Micromark has been focused on designing digital products and services with a unique approach of sensitivity and relevance, simplicity and elegance.

Micromark has always held that a successful team means ordinary people coming together and achieving extraordinary results. Micromark is a close team of experienced strategists, creatives, technologists, designers, marketers, storytellers, and inventors who work together to create  beautiful, engaging digital experiences. Micromark specializes in user experience, interaction  design and product development, consistently deliver results for clients by first gaining a deep  understanding of their needs and target market, and then combining insight-driven strategy and ideation with the highest levels of execution. Ultimately, it find gaps in the marketplace and bring the unique brand of innovation to the digital landscape.

Micromark is more than an average agency, it cares about the products being beautiful and usable. It takes pride in delivering only the best. It has a client base varies from an Individual customer to a Fortune 500 company.

Key Executive

Gaurav Yadav
Founder & CEO

Gaurav is a Tech Entrepreneur, Web Analyst, Internet  Strategist, Designer & a learner he loves traveling,  photography, sketches and nature.

He is an ideator and founder of a wide range of online entities that cater to the demands of a busy online technology driven world. He is highly accomplished, creative and  energetic professional Ideating, Project Managing and Developing Web properties since 14 years. Gaurav also has been visiting faculty in a B-School and presents several sessions in conferences in USA & India on Technology.

Differentiating Factors
• Decades of combined experience
• Strong commitment to quality
• Infographic experts
• Unique Ideas and treatment to the project
• Minimalistic User experience
• Latest Technologies

Revenue Model
• On Demand IT Resource Delivery Model: Resources at flexible hourly rates
• Fixed Cost basis : Micromark works on fixed cost delivery also for limited clients
• SaaS Cloud Model : Software as a Service on cloud on a monthly rental.

Offices: Bangalore, India

Founded: 2004

Total 500+ projects and 6 products done from clients from 8 countries.

Employee Count


Road Map
We're living an exciting times where technology is evolving every single day. Micromark is committed to match the pace of ever changing fast trends in technology and focus on multi device cross platform solutions. Micromark believes that there is immense potential in responsive designs, infographics, cloud, SaaS, mobility and Enterprise2.0.

Micromark is developing web-based infographic framework for enterprise and individuals called, a mobile app for multiple use called doodado, apart
from second generation version of their main product called which is
an Enterprise2.0

Contact Information

email :

Phone : +918951055683

Website: I