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iToolz Geo Spatial Solutions

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iToolz Geo Spatial Solutions

iToolz Geo Spatial Solutions

iToolz Geo Spatial Solution is a leading provider of next-generation Mobile and enterprise IT solutions specialised in Location Based Services(LBS). It offers services that span across all major mobile platforms including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows, and Java.

The company’s cutting-edge Location based Mobile solutions have delivered significant benefits to several leading public and private organizations worldwide, positioning them as true leaders in the Mobile App development space.

IT Consulting, Product Architecting, Web Application Design, Solution frameworks are their other core areas of expertise.

The company is committed to helping clients identify and extend their business capabilities that give them a competitive advantage without compromising on performance and cost-effectiveness.

Key Executives

S.Satyajit Ray
Director & CTO

Satyajit is a Consummate hands on professional developer and Solution Architect with Global experience. Executed enterprise level Desktop, Web and Mobile projects for entities in various geographies.
Satyajit has his Masters in Earth Sciences having more than 16+ years of IT experience, he is responsible for development and delivery of the most of the projects. Satya is Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). He is a visiting faculty of Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University and Andhra University. IT consulting, Soluion Architecting and Project Management are some of his key activities. He heads the technology group at iToolz. iToolz flagship products mForce and Repmo are few out of the box  products from him.

N.Surya Prasad
Director & GM

Surya has his masters in computers from Andhra University. He carries a rich defence background here he used to manage large mainframe systems. He has an excellent expertise in data warehousing and related project management with handful onsite project execution. He heads the R&D and testing team in iToolz.


Differentiating Factors
Good Mobile App development requires a deep understanding of customer requirement and the purpose of the app being developed. The company provides advice throughout its clients’ product or app development lifecycle - from the first feasibility study, to app delivery and deployment. The company is transparent to its clients through - out the development process and these few simple things make the company different.

Revenue Model
The company works on both fix bid and T&M models for custom application development for its customers. Most of its products are in SAAS (Software As A Service) model.

Road Map
iToolz is a leader in Location Based App development and it will continue to be stronger in this domain. It is going to focus on software services sector and in coming years its revenue would be 50% from products and 50% on services.

Major Milestones
1. First Android based LBS app for a U.S. customer in 2009
2. Mobile Tracking Application for a U.S. customer in 2009
3. Launch of mForce (Location based workforce management System) in 2010
4. Developed Mobile based utility collection GIS software in 2011
5. Launch of SMS driven timesheet management system Repmo in 2012

Offices: India & US

Founded: 2009

Clientele: More than 100 in number 11 in domain across the globe.

Employee Count: 25+

Investors: Privately funded