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Hibiscus Technology Solutions

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Hibiscus Technology Solutions

Hibiscus Technology Solutions

Established in 2008, Hibiscus Technology Solutions provides a full spectrum of software services on Mobile, Web, Cloud and Social. We focus on developing mobile apps for enterprises and various other verticals. We specialize on Outsourced Product Development on web and mobile, deploying on Cloud. We are a team of 50 and growing steadily. We have built over 100 mobile apps, partnered with over 20 startups to build their technology.

Key Executive

Ramesh Narasimhan

• Over 13 years of Software experience
• Heading Hibiscus since inception, roles include Business Development, Mentoring and building the team and their skills, Software development and Consulting, Customer handling and Business strategy
• 8 years in Oracle India, 3 years in Product development and 5 years in PreSales Consulting –  focussing on Middleware, CMS, BI, Security, Mobile, SOA,
• Bachelors in Mathematics, Masters in Computer Application, PG Certificate in Business  Management from IIM, Certified Enterprise Architect

Differentiating Factors
• Partnering culture
• Quick turnaround time
• Competitive pricing for cutting edge skills
• One stop for mobile, web, cloud, UI, social apps development
• Perceived as highly dependable partner by our customers- Around 15 customers have worked with  us for more than 1 year

Revenue Model
• Managed teams for product development, app development with Time & Material model,
• Fixed cost projects for smaller projects Mobile consulting

Development Center - JP Nagar Bangalore
Sales Office – San Jose, USA

May 2008

Employee Count

• Over 50 active customers
• Include top multinational companies, startups
• Countries working for India, US, Turkey, UK, Sweden, Australia

Self Funded

Major software development companies getting on to Mobile app

Major Milestones
Started as a web Outsourced Product Development company, started mobile app development in mind 2009
2012: Developed over 100 mobile apps
2013: 4 of our customers were funded by VC

Road Map
Plan to double revenue year on year for the next 3 years.
Become the most trusted partner for mobile development company across the world.
Create a strong innovative Intellectual Property in the area of mobile app development platform/framework.