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About us
Headquartered in Bangalore, Deepbiz is an IT consulting and services company which provides products and services to its clients in all major industries. Founded in 2011, the company has been successfully developing mobile applications on hybrid and native languages for its clients and its global mobility delivery serves more than 100 plus clients in all major geographies.
Muthu Swamy S
Founder and CEO: Muthu Swamy S.
Head Office: Bangalore, Sales: New York, London, Australia, India, Partner Network: All over India for Sales, Installation and Support.
Muthu Swamy S.
Muthu Swamy S has over 20 years of experience in IT. He has completed his studies in Technology and corporate Strategy management from IIM Calcutta. He worked extensively on both business and technology issues across a wide range of industry sectors including, financial services (insurance, retail, corporate, and investment banking), telematics (M2M, GPS, Wireless), healthcare, retail, Insurance, and resource sectors. He is passionate about Social Activities and has founded an NGO - V Foundation.  
Employee count:
Date of establishment:
Products and Services:
The company has built a Mobile Application Test Lab (MAT – Lab) which a device based testing division for mobile applications. Along with this service, Deepbiz provides a range of IT services to its clients such as IT Infrastructure solutions, Enterprise solution, consulting and Business Intelligence. The company has also created a Telematics Division, with services such iGateway and FleetERP, which are widely used by a variety of companies in the Automobile, Insurance, Healthcare and service industries.

iGateway is a Smart Hybrid Platform for the Telematics Industry with exclusive features for small to large enterprises. Some of the key features are Vehicle Tracking, Personal Tracking, Asset Tracking and others. Utilizing Big Data Analysis, the fleet owners are now able to ensure the safety, condition, prediction and forecast the value of claim, such as the PAYD – Pay-As-You-Drive or PHYD-Pay-How-You-Drive insurance benefits.

FleetERP is an ERP for vehicles with features like Vendor Management, Supplier Management, Repairs & Maintenance Management and other services. To reduce the overall expenses on the fleet efficiently and to improve the maintenance cost, features such as SMS/Email alerts for insurance, driver license, RC/FC alerts and others have been included.
Secrets to Success:
Deepbiz provides its clients with the necessary set of tools and services to become efficient. The company's partnership approach allows its clients to save money and get a higher return on investment. The company has been investing in its products by adding a variety of functionalities and innovating higher quality cloud based services with the most recent advancements in technology for the benefit of its clients and users.
Road Map:
Deepbiz intends to focus on various areas such as wearable technologies, big tablets, mobile cloud infrastructure and enterprise mobile security. By focusing on these areas, the company hopes to further expand its clientele.
Tel: IN : +91 901 901 1841 US : +1(201)984-7362 UK : +44(020)8123-3685