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Base Information Management Pvt. Ltd.

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Base Information Management Pvt. Ltd.

Base Information Management  Pvt. Ltd.

Base Information Management Pvt. Ltd. has been providing enterprise applications since 1998. A CMMI Level 3 certified company, Base has been predominately a player in the enterprise application segment. The company’s products include ERP for manufacturing, CRM, workf low applications and Data analytics. Base has been mobile enabling enterprise solutions since 2005 and has been in the forefront of mobile technology, proving solutions across wide technologies from J2ME, Windows, Android, iOS to Blackberry.
The company’s device agnostic, scalable and business needs based adaptable solutions are built on proven Base E12 framework.

Key Executive
Nilay Sharma


Base was founded in 1998 by Mr. Kandarp Baghar, Ms. Shiri Baghar & Mr. Nilay Sharma. An Engineer by training and Postgraduate in Management, Mr. Sharma brings with him his vast experience in manufacturing and service industry. He is primarily responsible for Business Development.


Mobile Applications
• Field force automation
• CLM - Closed Loop Marketing solution
• E-detailing solution for sales staff
• Workflow Solutions integrated with enterprise applications
• Employee self service apps for mobile
• Warehouse management
• Electronic Batch manufacturing record for Batch process
• Mobile Enterprise social Networking solution
• Dashboards and KPI on devices
• Mobile BI integration

Differentiating Factors
• Wide experience in large enterprise applications and hence a preferred vendor for organizations that would like to build mobile applications integrated with their enterprise solutions.
• CMMI Level 3 certified organization, which is a testament of our company's commitment to product quality, production efficiency, and the ability to reduce associated costs.
• Natively available apps on Apple IOS, Android and other major smart phone and tablet OS.

Road Map
We at Base are aware that the future of computing is moving from desktop devices to Mobile and imbedded device computing, we foresee computing from in dash car systems, Home TVs, Machine consoles and a vast array of devices. At Base we are developing tools and skills to embrace a world that will compute with touch and gestures.

Revenue model
• Bespoke development on fixed project cost or T&M basis
• Solutions offered on SaaS as well as Perpetual License

Offices: Mumbai.

Founded: 1998

Employee Count: 150+

Investors: Self Funded


• More than 50 large corporate clients including MNCs.
• Verticals covered : Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Chemicals, Process, Plastics and Engineering.

Major Milestones