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Aequor Technology

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Aequor Technology

Aequor Technology

Aequor is a global Strategic Consulting and Solutions Company headquartered in Piscataway, New Jersey. The company provides customized solutions to drive operational efficiency and cost reduction, and to unlock human and capital investment to help our clients drive innovation and growth. Aequor has the SEI CMMi Level 3 certification that endorses its process, capabilities and systems and a SOC3 Certification.

Key Executives

Manmeet Virdi
Co-founder, CEO & Co-Chairman

Consistent growth year after year is a result of Manmeet’s innovative and results-driven management style - focused on achieving exceptional results in a highly competitive environment that demands continuous improvement. In relation, he is experienced in driving product, process, and customer service improvements while building partnerships with key business decision-makers.
Manmeet has transitioned Aequor from a local NJ-based company into a global entity with branch offices in eight U.S. states and International branches in countries such as India. In the process, he has built highly efficient and productive “technology solution teams” and launched and serviced innovative IT products for start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.


Kamalpreet S. Virdi
Co-founder, President & Chairman

Even while working fulltime, Kamalpreet’s entrepreneurial spirit always kept pushing him towards having his own business. With the entrepreneurial leadership and business skills that Kamal had acquired through his education at some of the elite universities, he went ahead to pursue his passion of owning his own company. He started his first venture as Aequor Technologies, Inc in 1998.
This was the start of Aequor and from that point on Kamalpreet ventured into various areas including starting a training division franchise as CPLC Education Center. He also ventured into other areas like providing services in the Healthcare arena with Aequor Healthcare Services and his recent venture in the BPO/Marketing/Creative Services arena with the launch of Aequor Media. All these ventures helped
Aequor leverage various market conditions thereby strategically diversifying the company into various areas so that Aequor would continue to grow in any market condition.

Products And Services

Enterprise Mobile Application Development
Managed Infrastructure
ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
E + M Commerce
Salesforce Services
CMS – Content Management Services
Professional Services – IT Staff Augmentation

Differentiating Factors

Enterprise Mobile Applications Development
Aequor Technologies has a proven track record in building Enterprise Mobile Applications for renowned companies in a wide variety of industries. With a unique ability to capture a client’s ideas and concepts and transform them into a UI prototype within one week – Aequor can open up a new level of visualization that will quickly bring a client’s “dream app” to life. Our “rapid prototype process” is an effective way to reduce time-to-market, while optimizing costs and maximizing User Adoption.

In addition, Aequor provides…
• Multi-platform Deployment
• Mobile Strategy- options of platforms, technologies, frameworks and devices
• User-experience design
• Mobile Security
• Development and deployment of enterprise Apps
• Mobile Enable Web Applications
• Cost Effective Solutions

Employee Count: Over 1,300 associates worldwide


Software Development Centers
• Piscataway, NJ
• Los Angeles, CA
• San Francisco, CA
• Cedar Rapids, IA
• Austin, Texas
• Tallahassee, Florida

Offshore Development Centers
• Gurgaon, Haryana
• Chennai
• Bangalore

Founded: July 1998


Phone: 732-494-4999