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UNICEL is an enterprise mobility specialist and industry leading provider of wireless mobility solutions that help organizations create clear, quantifiable value for its customers. Capable of mobile-enabling virtually any application in the enterprise space, the company uses the versatile platform of mobile telephony to offer innovative, customized solutions to organizations across function areas. The company’s core strength is in the ability to identify and plug operational gaps in an organization and allow it to achieve higher levels of performance and profits.

UNICEL is revolutionizing the way enterprises today connect and interact with different players in the value chain. They have pioneered carrier-level integration of mobility solutions, thereby offering enterprises more visibility into the status of messages sent out and higher levels of control. The UNICELSMS platform helps enterprises deliver content securely to mobile devices across data types and complexity. The UNICEL Voice platform delivers enormous flexibility in designing, deploying and dedicating a whole ecosystem of world-class voice solutions without any large-scale infrastructure or process changes. And the array of Power APIs ensures that organizations can take their pick of how they want to be connected to the UNICEL infrastructure.
Vinay Agrrawal
Founder and Managing Director
Atechnologist at heart, Vinay is the Founder and Managing Director of UNICEL Technologies. Having completed his MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management in 2000, Vinay started his career in the middle of the telecom boom in India. Working with a telecom operator, Vinay gathered hands-on, in-depth experience of multiple functions in the wireless space-from technology, and billing, to value-added services and customer experience. This exposure combined with his keen business acumen to spot an opportunity for specialists catering to specific enterprise mobility needs was the driving force behind Vinay establishing UNICEL in 2003.

7 years on, UNICEL has grown from its humble beginnings into a 100-member strong enterprise mobility specialist company largely driven by Vinay’s passion for innovation and his eagerness to roll up his sleeves and understand a customer’s simplest needs before developing a solution. Today, Vinay is at the helm of what he enjoys best, spearheading the technology that UNICEL is known for.
Bangalore (HQ), Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad
Over 500 enterprises including some the largest Fortune500 companies, across verticals including BFSI, IT / ITES, Pharma, Retail, Entertainment, Media, Logistics, Government and more.
Value First, ACL Wireless
  • Technology Platform built on the industry's fastest SOA-based middleware
  • Proprietary SMSC infrastructure (Incoming and outgoing) with various telecom operators for market- leading delivery performance
  • Widest Deployment of customized applications across ERP, CRM, Cloud based Platforms and niche Banking Platforms
  • Interim reports and multi- operator retries for SMS
  • Best SLAs in the industry
  • 365 xcustomer service
  • SMS and Voice Capabilities on a single platform
  • Intelligent analytic and routing capabilities
  • Reputation for innovation and developing applications that simplify enterprise processes
  • High-speed and high-security end-to-end MPLS links
Unicel offer all services on Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Customers pay only for the amount of services they consume. unicellimage
  • Cloud telephony services
  • Unified, simplistic messaging user interface
  • Location-based services
  • Greater innovation across design and deployment of solutions for enterprises
Year Milestones
May-03 Commencement of Operations
Nov-04 Implemented Virtual Number Platform with amajor telecom operator
Jan-05 1st enterprise customer
Dec-05 100 enterprise customers
Feb-07 1st branch office set up in Delhi and a new development facility
Oct-08 enterprise customers
May-09 50+ Employees
Oct-09 Unicel adds SIGTRAN capability to its telecom infra offerings
Dec-10 Crosses 100 employees
Jul 2011 Deploys new SOA-based Middleware bringing infinite processing cap