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Strumsoft Inc. is a Boutique Product Development company that helps create innovative leading edge products. They specialize in product development for mobile, web and large scale cloud and server platforms.

It was founded in 2008 by Sanjeev Bhalla and Nagendra Bhanuprakash, both being hands-on technology leaders in mobile and telecomcompanies. Sanjeev Bhalla is a graduate of Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (1985) and University ofWisconsin- Madison (1987).
Sunnyvale, California, U.S. Bengaluru,Chennai, and Indore, India
Sanjeev Bhalla
Sanjeev is an in-depth technology leader. He has over 25 years of experience in the software product development market (Digital Equipment, Oberon, Comverse, Sennari). He has previously held the following roles: Vice President of Engineering & Operations at Sennari, Business Manager at Americas, Internet Communication Division, Comverse and Assistant Vice President of Software Engineering, Comverse, Architect, Oberon Software. He holds the following qualifications – M.B.A. from Northeastern University, M.S. in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin, Madison and B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi.
Strumsoft works with large as well as small-sized companies. Revenues of such firms range from billions of dollars, to bootstrapped companies chasing their dreams with limited funds. Their clients include - Verizon Wireless Inc, Qualcomm, Tetrus Inc, M-Via Inc,
FlockThere Inc, Intertrust, Aepona, Mowingo, Openwave, MixZing, Synchronoss, Mojolt, Promptu and Connect2Media.
They compete with other companies focused on Product Development Services such as Persistent, Impetus, Sourcebits, etc. Because Strumsoft is smaller, it can be more agile and bring high caliber start up type culture to work on its customer projects. They are deeply focused on engineering and most of their sales are driven by word-of-mouth.
They offer both T&M engagements as well as fixed priced ones. Their services encompass the breadth of product development: from definition, to graphic and call flow designs, to implementation and testing and deployment.
Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, HTML5, Javascript, Java frameworks, Cloud computing and Python, Ruby or PHP based web applications are their areas of expertise
Their goal is to continue to remain profitable, enjoy technology and take pride in offering solutions which will keep their clients happy. They want to continue to provide a high level of expertise and customer focused approach, with cost effectiveness.
Continue to build their expertise in emerging areas of technology, continue to provide growth paths to their employees and most importantly continue to add value to their customers.
They have brought the best of Silicon Valley startup culture to their employment practices, to their interactions with their customers and their deep focus on attracting hands on technology leaders. They measure their success through satisfied customers and employees who are able to fulfill their growth ambitions.

They act as an extension of their customer’s engineering teams. By bringing deep expertise at the right time and moving fast, they bring value to their customers.

Everyone in leadership position in Strumsoft has gone through multiple cycles of new product development, with their own share of successes and failures. They understand the product development process intimately and how to manage the uncertainty and risks associated with it.
Services provided on a fixed price or Time and Materials. Their major revenue comes from repeat businesses from their customers.