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Rage Communications

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Rage Communications

Rage Communications
We were founded with the mission to aid corporations migrate successfully to online platforms so that their business goals could be achieved. The key difference is thatwe view the Internet as creating a new interactive channel that businesses can use within the framework of their business strategies to bring in efficiencies, scale-economies, tap newmarkets and engage with customers without intermediaries.

Our range of services encompasses all activities to enable this mission and covers the gamut from web-design and development to tracking and optimization so that desired business results are achieved. Given our orientation we are a technology and platform agnostic company with a skill base across all technology stacks (LAMPS, .NET, Java, iOS, Android, Windows, etc) delivery devices (PC,mobile web, smart phones, tablets), and methodologies (website, applications, widgets, etc.)
An alumnus of IIT and IIM-C, JRK Rao, has over 30 years of business experience in India across a wide range spectrum of manufacturing and service businesses. His experience includes being the first ever marketer of a vacation share product in the Indian market. He was one of the promoters of Rage in 1996.
FOUNDED: March 1996
Our head office and principal development centre is located in Chennai. In addition we have offices in Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney.
Current client count: 179
Major clients: International: Citibank, Jones Lange LaSalle, BT Financial, Sydney Opera House, Duvet & Pillow Warehouse, The James Group
India: DBS Bank, Pfizer, Sterling Holidays, TTK Group, AurobindoPharma, Pfizer
JRK Rao, Karthik Kumar, Geeta Viswanath, Kurien Mathews, S V Ramesh
Karthik Kumar
Karthik Kumar started his career in 1976 and is among the first generation of market research practitioners in India. After a 17 year career in market research, he moved to advertising and was in the senior management team of the Indian operations of a leadingmulti-national advertising firm. His responsibilities included integrating global best practices into the Indian operations and providing similar expertise to the firm’s operations in Asia/Pacific. He became a shareholder Director of Rage in 2003.
Our business proposition rests upon delivering complete business services remotely. Our combination of full-service with demonstrable evidence of dependability and predictability is a compelling propostion to our clients. Our presence in the American and European markets is relatively weak. Thus, going forward our strategy is to increase our penetration in these markets while growing our existing businesses in Asia/Pacific and India.
The key differentiating factors are:
  • The ability to offer a full complement of consulting, graphic & user interface design, technology and management from one source.
  • Business maturity that ensures low staff attrition contributing to continuity of knowledge.
  • Proven track record in delivering services across diverse geographies and client sizes.
These offer our clients a compelling proposition of dependability and predictability in their engagements with us.
Our revenues are through fees charged for its services. These fees can be fixed fees, time and material or rate card based. We tailor the fees depending on the project and the client convenience.
1996 Founding
2003 Initiated relationship with Citibank
2005 Extended relationship with Citibank in Asia/Pacific Launched Optimal, a multi-variate analytics procedure for optimizing online advertising
2007 Initiated relationship with Jones Lang Lasalle
2007 Initiated marketing operations in Australia
2009 Opened office in Mumbai Launched first app for GoPlaces in iTunes
2010 Opened office in Sydney
Developed proprietary apps for specific clients
2012 Opened office in Singapore
Launched suite of apps based on Windows for Mobile