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Progressive Mobile Solutions and Technologies

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Progressive Mobile Solutions and Technologies

Progressive Mobile Solutions and Technologies
Pune, Mumbai
Progressive Mobile Solutions and Technologies (PMSTEK), is an organization which has mastered the art of application development for smartphones.
PMSTEK offers services for high quality and extremely specific application development requirements, the pricing of which, by the way, is extremely cost effective.
Incepted recently, PMSTEK has been growing by exponentially. Since inception the company has completed several projects successfully for a large number of
highly satisfied repertoire of fortune 500 Clientele across the globe. They have set up benchmarks for quality, timely delivery and client satisfaction. Excellence in all spheres of operation is the team here aims to achieve continually. From the beginning, they have had a strong foundation of adaptability and experience. Unique combination of being flexible and an ability to react very quickly to changes in designs and specifications has given the company an edge over the others.
Milesh Bothara is Chief executive officer ofPMSTEKa boutique agency thatmainly caters to needs ofUSMedia agency forUSmobile production. Milesh leads PMSTEK team on delivery side and expanded PMSTEK in Europe and Middle East on marketing side. Milesh is also Director Operation at Quagnitia a web agency build offshore revenue model in Pune.Milesh played key role for setting upQuagnitia office in Goa. Milesh has completed his Diploma in Computer Technology from BTE in year 1997 and PGDAC fromCDAC in year 2000. At PMSTEK, Milesh is being supported by the Top Management andAdvisors who are part of company’s growth and equally involved in generating leads,new business and new technologies.
The company’s believes its biggest wealth is their clientèle. Due to their focus on quality of Service, customization, process and documentation levels, they have found a large repertoire of loyal clientèle pan India and across the Globe, including the United States and Europe.With their High quality attitude and prompt services, we have been able to get repetitive business from various Clientèle like Bank of America, Diageo, Nestle, Progressive insurance, General Electric, Bajaj to name a few . They have a large repertoire of Fortune 500 Clientèle, as an agency back bone for their application development process.
The company is known to their Clientèle a wide basket of services, spanning technology to brand building. White label solutions provider: PMSTEK offer products and services, where the provider of the service purchases a fully supported product from them, then applies its own brand and identity to it, and sells it as its own product.

WAP Services: They offer a plethora of WAP services like Email capture forms, WAP sites, SMS campaigns, Campaign promotion specificWAP sites, Gallery pages, media campaign sites. They also help their Clientèle with content and database as well as contact management.

Application Development Services: Their Mobile application development services are widely acclaimed for their userfriendliness, their high level of applicability, and precise development for specific functionality.

Long termStrategies andShort termcampaigns:They offer their clients with a host of short term campaigns, with mobile strategies and maintaining of agency of records.
  • Quality of Product
  • Quality of Product
  • Timely Delivery
  • Extremely Cost Effective Service
  • Understanding and comprehension capabilities of the Clientele requirements
  • Owing to their client centric approach, along with our ethical business practices and transparentdealings, they offer quality products at industry leading prices and ensure to deliver the ordered consignments within the stipulated time frame. All these factors helped the company to capture both domestic and international markets and have enabled us them emerge as trustworthy white label solution partners amongst their Clientèle
India focus media production arm for Mobile marketing. Future plans to target fast growing mobile media market like – India, Europe, Australia, etc. The company aims to develop generic products to speed up the application development for any smart phone application platform. Develop and design the wap based products for rapid development needs. Design and develop cost economical and required by Indian market.