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Neuerung Techsoft Private Limited is a young and fastest growing mobile application development, consulting & training company based in Jaipur, India working on multiple mobile technology domains and cutting across various industry verticals. We develop from simple m(dot) apps to sophisticated innovative applications.
Industry Verticals Served
We have developed apps for Diamond & Jewelry, Retails, Fast Food Businesses, Banking & Finance, Medical, Hospitality, Branding & Advertising, Media and Gaming Industries.
Core Competencies
Mobile & Wireless Application Development, Web Application Development, Product Prototyping, Product Engineering, BOT Model
Dr. Sylvester Fernandes
Dr. Sylvester Fernandes has obtained his Doctorate in Computer Science (Cryptography), from J.N.V.U. He has a rich experience of 12 years in mobile applications for the next generation of computing platforms. Has provided consultancy to more than 25+ clients on mobility platforms.
The company has clients in Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, UAE, Germany and USA.
Jaipur, India
Grew the company without outside funding. Healthy topline and margins. Created unique talent pool by training and mentoring fresh graduates
1. Dedicated Mobile Labs At Neureung , we make our customers more competitive by providing them smart and shorter life cycles and making them quickly adopt these technologies to stay ahead of competition. Our experience says in the new emerging smartphone arena the product companies need to carry out experiment and “trial n error“ with emerging platforms and technologies before going for a broader adoption. Some companies may not have the band width / technical skill set to evaluate on the feasibility of these emerging technologies.

At Neuerung, we offer you to leverage its Centre of Excellence (COE) and technology investments to make critical decisions on technology and platform direction. Our technical expertise can handle the heavy lifting by using the practiced & mastered learning from our COEs, carrying out initial assessments and building POCs to validate important assumptions to assist with Go / No-Go decisions. We provide enriched detailed documents that can be implemented by your engineering team or alternatively by us. Mobile Labs Currently supported on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry, BREW / BMP

2. Build Operate Transfer Model
With this BOT Model, you can be benefited of a trusted partner with the domain expertise to setup your subsidiary efficiently within a short time period. After the completion of the decided span, we transfer the assets and handover the operations along with manpower to you. In other words, we create a dedicated offshore development center (ODC) for your growing business requirements. And also, you get the support of innovative and cost-effective solutions for your expansion plans.
In our past experience we have supported several of our esteemed clients with the BOT model, providing themwith a quality package of people, process and technology. We ensure a swift start up of your operations in the most cost-effective and proficient method. Your subsidiary has access to amenities and resources that reduces your attrition and increases your security.
Making our clients more competitive by empowering them with our BOT Model on mobility platforms.
Development of Products on SaaSModel for Fast Food Chains, Retail Outlets, Diamond & Jewelry and Finance & Banking industries.
Product Engineering Services, Staff Augmentation, Consulting.
November 2008 - Company Founded

March 2009 - Started providing consultancy to many IT Top Notch Companies on Mobility Platforms

April 2010 - Started Full Fledged Mobile Application Development and developed Centre of Excellence on Mobility Platforms and successfully implemented BOT Model. Added more than 25+ clients till date