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NE Mobile

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NE Mobile

NE Mobile
One of the pioneers in the digital publishing domain, NE Mobile operates in diversified business segments that span across the mobile and web content and solutions space. Young and vibrant, NE Mobile was founded in 2009 and is a part of Nihon Enterprise Co. Limited, a listed company in Japan. The company has a proven track record in the mobile technology arena and has six subsidiaries and one associated company. While NE Mobile’s Contents Services segment provides content, apps and tools for cellular phone users, the Solution segment provides consulting services and is engaged in the planning, development, operation and management of mobile business. NE Mobile is recognized as one of the few companies that have given Bluetooth marketing the required push in the country.
Khurshid Alam
Managing Director
One of the founding members of NE Mobile, Khurshid Alam joined Nihon Enterprise as a Global Product & Content Manager in Tokyo, Japan. He has over a decade of expansive and extensive experience in the field of VAS marketing. At NE Mobile, he looks after content, creativity offers, content agreements and commercial partnerships. He also heads International business development portfolio for the company.
EMPLOYEE COUNT : 13 (India), (340 as a group) Japan and China
12+ including Fujitsu, Maruti Suzuki, Magna Publication, TATA Docomo etc.
Nihon Enterprise (NE Mobile is a subsidiary of  Nihon Enterprise Co. Japan)
The demand for content is on the rise and the market is expanding at an exponential pace.While any company in the Digital Publishing spectrum can be a potential competitor, the head room in the market is large enough to accommodate all the competing companies.
1. Pay per Download Model: NE Mobile launches paid Mobile apps at Appstore for potential user base.

2. Subscription Model: An online Magazine and Book store at Appstore that runs subscription services like annual subscription or package subscription.

3. Mobile Advertising Supported Model: The company associates with Ad network companies to distribute free app for ad revenues.

4. Development: NE Mobile develops exclusive products for Clients and Partners.

5. Bluetooth Broadcasting: NE Mobile Provides Bluetooth Broadcasting for promoting brands and services.
Powered by robust Japanese technology, NE Mobile is a part of Nihon Enterprise Co. Limited, a company with 23 years of experience in the mobile content business. NE Mobile is the first Indian developer to launch Digital Magazine Store, working only on unique ideas. With a motto of innovation and creativity, the company has been able to build a strong customer base in a very short span of time, an achievement solely attributed to its brilliant leadership and strong management team that include the industry stalwarts.
Nov 2009: Established
Apr 2010: Started Consulting Services with Dive Co. Ltd. Japan.
Oct 2010: Started Bluetooth Broadcasting services for Maruti Suzuki and Fujitsu in India.
Dec 2010: Launched Apps for Java mobile users.
Apr 2011: Launched Apps for Android and BlackBerry mobile users.
Sep 2011: Exclusive content acquisition tie up with Magna Publication.
Dec 2011: Launched Digital Magazine store 'iSTARDUST' at iTune.