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Interworld Commnet

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Interworld Commnet

Interworld Commnet
"There is always a point of solution… the question is always.. where do you find it."
Interworld Commnet creates and carve solutions that would help businesses bring a change to the way they work, the way they produce and the way they would like to see their future. Mobile devices are only the tools to we would use so.

Interworld Commnet works around to find the right solution for the customers. Customers comes with ideas, requirements, frustration and want us to help them resolving it.What matters to them is how we understand and propose a possible mobile app solution so that customer would use and resolve issues without bringing much change in their working pattern and still they cater to tho the future business demands. Whether its for their organizational health maintenance or if they would like to add on to their lifestyle we are sure IWC brings the solution to them.

You think this is enough ? Well, even the most beautiful, most functional mobile apps in the world are useless if no-one ever uses them so our comprehensive Mobile Marketing Plan (MMP) will get the word out about your App, both online and offline. While we can write a development plan for the app we can also write a customized Mobile Marketing Plan (MMP) to position the App in the App Space at the apex of your online marketing assault.

What this means is we help in not just creating the app but also write a plan to choose the correct Mobile Platform for your target Market, as well as an integrated marketing strategy intended to get it downloaded and get it used by your customers. IWC also enjoys this assessment and solution defining moments as it bring in social corporate responsibility in the corporates to reduce carbon footprints.
JK Menon
JK has been a driving force behind the company to bring this to this level in this span. He has driven this company from a B level city to a now a scattered presence in southeast asia and west africa. The single man force challenges to go ahead in the mobile appliance future with a big bang.
Chandigarh, India Singapore Douala, Cameroon
Around 120
Self invested
Many that comes from a large company
to so called freelancers
  • iPad Magazine Publication
  • Mobile Newspapers
  • iPhone and Android Apps
  • ERP and Workflow Migration on Apps
  • Web and Mobile colleteral Maintenance
Looking for more acquisitions to open up in more markets so as to secure future business. Foraying into from mobile devices to mobile appliances for the upcoming future. Working with lifestyle mobile appliances to reduce carbon footprints.
We can see the upcoming markets and opportunities and we are trying to reach to those markets faster than others. Taking an early mover advantage.
Turnkey and Revenue sharing. We invest into many ideas ourselves and share the revenues.
Stepping into the mobile technology 6 years back brought a turn in the company's trend. While conceiving the idea and taking it ahead, We received Two Best Mobile App Award in 2011 and 2012. Went ahead with acquisition of two companies .. one in Singapore in 2011 and second one in Cameroon in 2012.