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Fine IT Solutions

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Fine IT Solutions

Fine IT Solutions
Fine IT Solutions is a group company of Fine Group which is a known brand in manufacturing SPMs and a large range of material testing machines in India. With about 10,000 machines installed across the globe, it is known for its quality standards and technical capabilities. Fine IT also inherits the product development heritage fromthe group and carries the quality adherence from the parent group. With various healthcare products and high-end industrial / automotive applications based on image processing, Fine IT extends its services in Mobile app development in these domains. We are very particular about the quality standards of our products and believe in partnerships which help mutual growth.
February 2009
Pune, Bangalore and Nasik
Shardul Kulkarni,
Technical Director
Shardul has more than 15 years of experience in both product development and IT services in various domains. He has worked with MNCs in various countries such as Germany, Sweden, Finland, USA before starting Fine IT Solutions. His thinking process and delivery capability under limitation has been appreciated throughout his career.
  • A Couple of gaming apps are available on theApple store for download.
  • The other apps are developed for German and UK based clients.
  • Non-mobile apps are deployed in various companies in automotive and industrial domains and also in some of the medium and large hospitals.
Fine Group which is a known brand in manufacturing of SPMs and standard machines in material testing domain since last 35 years.
Permeative is a bootstrapped Company
  • End-to-End app development (Concept,Design, Development, Testing, App Review, Release)
  • Enhancements & bug fixes to existing apps
  • Skilled developers on all mobile OS (iOS, Android, Blackberry,Windows Phone)
The services offered in various domains for our clients in terms of application development based on Windows, iOS, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phones is equally important share in our revenue generation.
  • Developing apps for various fields like Hospitality, Media, Automotive, Healthcare, etc.
  • Acquire developing capabilities in various mobile technologies.
  • Extend partnership for the improvement of product quality.
  • Expertise into product development
  • Emphasis on visual appeal
  • Develop applications without bugs
  • Ability to deeply understand customer's eco system and the app's applicability
  • Expertise in cross-platform applications.
Considering the market opportunity, we plan to expand the base and service offerings in the field of Mobile app development.

We plan to provide the mobile handles to our own products as well as extend the service of providing similar handles for other web based applications of the clients. Providing the cross-platform development with flexibility to port the apps on different platforms is ourmain target. At the same time, we plan to provide services in individual OS dependent developments.
Year Milestones
Feb 2009 Company in operations
Jan 2010 Started Mobile Developments
Jun 2010 1st Product available on app store
Dec 2011 2nd Product available on app store
Feb 2012 2major projects delivered to clients
(Germany and UK) with appreciation