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Bizon Cloud

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Bizon Cloud

Bizon Cloud

Biz On Cloud” aims to be the leading technology provider of consumer based products and solutions delivering innovation in Search, Engagement, Interactions/Transactions & Fun.
The company believes in delivering world class products and solutions in CLOUD and Mobility domains and providing a highly customizable platform to support them.

Key Executive
CEO, Founder & Chief Architect

Sambit is a mobility innovator and has complete knowledge in designing SAAS based systems hosted on the CLOUD with 14 years experience.


Differentiating Factors
• Survey and Analytics platform “SurveyChili” with Real Time Analytics and decision support system for POE (Point of Experience) data captured real time with a clean integration with the service and product level attributes and keywords
• Scalable Quizzing and Assessments platform on the Cloud integrated with Web and Mobile devices
• Consumer Engagement Solution for hospitality sector to integrate relevant information, customer feedbacks/analytics and ordering/other utilities on tablets and mobiles
• Industry oriented training program to bridge the gap between industry and education
• Balanced Portfolio of projects, products and other services on Cloud and Mobility sectors

Major Milestones
• Successfully Launched QzBingo in multiple Quizzing events and Colleges and in App-Stores
• Successfully Piloted Feedback & Hospitality solution
• Successfully understood market reality and how toposition SurveyChili as our flagship product
• Successfully added MrChethan S our operations head
• Successfully Started couple of training institutes ( Bangalore, BBSR) with ongoing batches and incoming revenues
• Successfully went into partnerships with RetailMetrics( Retail Operations) and WizTurn (Market Surveys andprojects)
• Successfully sold our training models in colleges( RCM, TRIDENT etc.)
• Successfully started talks for partnership/company inFinland to get overseas projects and opportunities
• Came up with a realistic and more stable model for running the company

Primary Product & Competitors
Rapid ( Rant& Rave – Real Time Engagement For Customers) -
Opinion Meter ( Touch Point Survey App)
Nice ( Customer Engagement Analytics)
FeedbackStr( Customer Surveys In Real Time)
Opiniator( Ask, Answer, Act)
Avius Insight
Customer Thermometer ( Real time customer feel)
eDigital Research ( Customer Experience)

Close to about 15 clients
Agarwal&AryaBhavan, La Franklin Hotel, Joys Palace Hotel, RCM College Bhubaneswar, CET Bhubaneswar, Quizworks, Edumedia, India Drivers Network Wizturn, Sidapps Technologies

Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Finland (In Process)

Private Limited Company founded in Feb 2010

Employee Count: 15 + employees

Self, Friends and Family funded

Revenue Model
Annual Licensing Fees
Pay per Use / Subscription

Road Map
• Finland Company Formation and Partnership for overseas projects
• Strong and Big Vision for SurveyChili with very high strategic potential
• Strategic partnerships in market surveys, retail and e-commerce space
• Balanced growth in training business
• Opportunities for overseas projects from US/EMEA/Middle-East through contacts/ partnerships
• Strong sales for our other solutions and products


Mobile No: 9845374425