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Artificial Machines

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Artificial Machines

Artificial Machines
Artificial Machines develops custom software applications for the iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and Web 2.0 platforms. Over the years, the company has created numerous applications for large global corporations including Restaurant Locators, Home and Building Automation, Kids e-books, Audio Books, Games, Educational and Marketing Apps.

Artificial Machines is a leader in the cutting edge space of human-technology interaction. The company focuses on helping organizations take their products and services to consumers using the latest technologies. Today, having an iPhone app is as important as building your website. The opportunity of interacting with your customers on a personal device, like an iPhone and an iPad, is powerful and has limitless possibilities.
Manish Buttan
Manish Buttan
Founder and CEO
Manish has the experience of almost 20 years in Graphics, 3D Animation, Gaming, Software Architecture and Design. Before founding Artificial Machines, He cofounded and ran a 500 people E-learning and Software Company called Maximize Learning, which was acquired by Aptara corp. in 2005 where Manish served as the Global CIO for 3 years.
H.O: Pune, India
Sales office: Wall Street, New York.
Main customers include: Deloitte, Visteon, HME, Washington Post, BEHR Paint, Blackstone Audio, Savant, Lifeshield, Veritas Prep, Cramzy and others including World's largest Fast-Food Company.
Privately Held
Custom software and consulting companies.
Artificial Machines will endeavor to lead and improve the Mobile and Web application development space with continued research and development. Ultimately, it aims to improve the human-technology interface and deliver better customer experiences. Our thrust towards high quality processes and solutions will continue to help large corporations achieve their goals for total market presence, using Mobile and Web applications.
Artificial Machines brings over 2 decades of Media and Software Design to the table.
  • Primary expertise lies in providing consulting solutions and development services to help any business reach its customers using the latest devices and technology.
  • Company’s development centers are in India, which help reduce costs in providing high quality solutions.
  • Engage with clients either on a “Fixed Bid” or “Time and Material” basis.
  • Open to work with a revenue sharing model to roll out apps to the marketplace.
Artificial Machines was founded in 2008 and was one of the first few companies to start software development on the iOS platform worldwide.

Since inception, the company has been involved in building Software products and services for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Web platforms. Over time, Artificial Machines has worked with several large global corporations and have built solutions to address some of their most challenging problems.

Experience includes developing complex Mobile andWeb applications that involve multiple platforms and technologies, including integration into Electronics and Servers.