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About us
3Frames is a niche enterprise mobility company, helping businesses derive value & fully leverage their mobility initiatives. Our portfolio spreads across mobility touch points and focuses on strategic mobility consulting, enterprise mobile solutions and custom mobile applications. We also have two innovative product solutions truConnect & truBackup which assists enterprises to simplify and provide secure mobile solutions.
Ramesh Bachiraju
CEO & Founder : Ramesh Bachiraju
Ramesh Bachiraju
With over 20 years of dabbling with software product development, Ramesh brings in deep expertise in building highly scalable enterprise products and technology management capabilities to 3Frames Labs. Ramesh experience spans across industry verticals such as CRM and insurance. His technology interests range from SAAS, enterprise application frameworks, metadata driven development tools and mobile toolsets. Prior to 3Frames labs, Ramesh held senior positions at enterprise software product companies such as Planetsoft and SAP. Ramesh is MTech from IIT Roorkee.
Employee count:
We are a team of 11-50 technology focused individuals who love & enjoy not just being part of the mobility revolution but also driving the same by being an integral part of 3Frames.
3Frames has served more than 50 customers in last three years. These clients have varied from a start-up to a Fortune 1000 organization including Schneider Electric, Quintell, Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, a large IT Services Provider and many more.
Funding Information:
Self Funded
Differentiating Factors:
3Frames Lab differentiates from other players in the mobility space because of our
  • Unique & niche focus on end to end enterprise mobility
  • Bringing in the product focus with engineering, development, & integration expertise
  • Deep technical expertise in security & enterprise integration
  • Scalable & complex enterprise mobile integrations
Revenue Model:
At 3Frames, we engage with our customers in various models prevailing in the industry such as fixed cost, time & material, as well as revenue sharing. We offer products as well as services to support our customer's mobility initiatives. With regards to products, we provide various licensing models based on customer requirements.
3Frames is uniquely positioned in mobility ecosystem. We are surrounded by other players such as mobile application developers, mobility consultants, UX experts, MEAP/ MDM platform providers but 3Frames is uniquely positioned considering our end to end mobility expertise varying from innovative products to services helping Enterprises as well Consumers leverage the power of mobility.
Major Milestones:
3Frames began its operations in 2010 and launched our first product truConnect in October 2011, Enterprise Mobile Dashboards in Feb 2012. This was followed by a major update to truConnect in Jan 2013. 3Frames launched two new products in MSME and consumer segment, truBackup and KombiDrive in May 2013.
Road Map:
We are a self-disciplined & motivated team of technologists who have been putting together their dreams & knowledge to create innovative products and solutions.

In terms of the short term or medium term roadmap, we are excited about our work on truBackup & its versions across multiple platforms. We will be releasing some path breaking mobile apps with clear focus on providing peace-of-mind for end users when it comes to usage of cloud storage providers.

We have also envisioned a platform agnostic enterprise mobility toolset, simplifying the way enterprises will build mobile applications.
ETel: IN : +91 99451 73732, +91 80 25727320