Mobile City

PhoneGap, a free and open Source framework, bridges the gap between web applications and mobile devices. Its goal is to make local Web Applications to have the same functionality as native applications.
The availability of apps from different horizons influenced users to turn towards smartphones and tablets to either send an email or watch news. The best apps in the market share some common characteristics such as being elegant, easy to use, pleasing looks and above all meeting the requirements of the user. The application design industry is driven by trend. Here are seven design principles to follow when developing an iPhone/iPad app.
Going through the presentation, one will be able to design an iPhone App that will talk to Server.
The presentation will equipt one with the past and current trends in app development and provide a glimpse of the opportunities for those joining the revolution today. It explains that low entry barrier is a fact and it is not good for success in App Development.
Top Reasons to Support iOS Upgrade for your App: 1. Utilize the new features and new API's to thefullest extent2. App store discovery. People usually downloadapps that are latest3. Some apps crash due to OS upgrade, whichwill generate bad reviews for the app4. Revenue generation from support process
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